past full-time work

After graduating from Northeastern University, I joined William Morris Endeavour as a floating assistant. In 2013 I left to work with the team at ID PR, where I spent almost a year before I was poached by a small (lol) startup called BuzzFeed. I worked there for almost four years, as a writer, then editor, and finally as a social strategist. In my last role there, I acted as a social advisor to help editors' work find their audiences. I also created and oversaw strategy for all of their Instagram accounts. This was a very special opportunity to shape what each vertical would look like outside the site and how content would move around a new virtual space. Here's a bit more about the ones that I hold closest to my VSCO A7 filtered heart. 

BuzzFeed Health

The @BuzzFeedHealth was built to be the health account you always wished existed: it’s realistic, it’s fun, it understands. It knows that being healthy in the long term is only possible if you make it a part of your life. It is body positive, diverse and above all, supportive. It can be healthy-ish, it can be pro-working out, it can be sick of working out, it knows what it’s like to google your symptoms and get nervous you might be dying because you have a hangnail. It has the same natural ebbs and flows that someone who balances their mental health, their physical health, and their lives in a modern world does.

Be right back

When I was asked to take over BuzzFeed's Instagrams I jumped at the idea of starting a travel account. It's my favorite category on the platform so I knew the landscape well and felt that I could make something truly unique. So I skipped the BuzzFeed branding, instead picking @berightback, and went all in. I turned the account into a rainbow. Something you wouldn't notice unless you look at the feed. My favorite not so secret secret.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.57.13 PM.png

buzzfeed diy

@BuzzFeedDIY loves people who make stuff. It is a constant feed of members of the Instagram community who like and create unique crafts. It is not so much about ways in which to better your life as it is a place to find ways that people are making their lives more beautiful and creatively fulfilling. It hopes to bring diverse, interesting, and beautiful art to our followers who enjoy handmade arts and broadening their artistic spirit.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 9.03.27 PM.png

BuzzFeed Weddings

I started @BuzzFeedWeddings from scratch in hopes of highlighting beautiful and unique weddings as well as fun and funny relatable original content that anyone who has ever been in a relationship or attended a wedding will connect with. The account is delightfully earnest, it is feminist, it is an all inclusive and diverse space. It aims to show that all types of people fall in love (and marry if that is their choice, and/or available to them) and that these relationships are all equally beautiful and worthy of highlighting.


@BuzzFeedFood are the snack champions of the internet. It's a haven in a sea of oversaturated Instagram photos of sandwiches. It walks a fine line of food porn and realistic meals. It is meant to show followers photos of the type of food they couldn’t say no to on a menu, not things that are so gross they won’t believe they exist. In a little over a year it grew from 18,000 followers to over 2.4 million and it's hashtag #buzzfeast has over 1,000,000 photos attached!